Our purpose is to have an overview of single agency and inter-agency auditing, evaluation and quality assurance systems to ensure that robust mechanisms are in place that inform improvements to services to protect children and young people in North Ayrshire.

Group Objectives

1 – To oversee the implementation of a multi agency self evaluation strategy. 2 – To support the continuous improvement of services to protect children and young people. 3 – To ensure application of lessons learned from Inquiries, Inspections and Initial/Significant Case Reviews.

Our Members


Elizabeth Stewart (Chair) Senior Manager Social Services, NAHSCP

Kirsty Calderwood Child Protection Lead Officer,NACPC

Louise Henry Child Protection Learning & Development Coordinator,NACPC

Allan Dickson Child Protection Admin NACPC

Alan Mulrooney Reporter Manager Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

Brenda J Walker Senior Officer, Adult Support & Protection

Eileen Bray Service Manager  CAMHS

Elaine Moore Midwifery Manager, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Eleanor McLaren Solicitor Legal & Protective Services


Evelyn Berry Clinical Team Leader, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Frances MacIntyre Child Protection Advisor NHS A&A

Janeine Barret Senior Manager Community Safety and Homelessness Housing Services, NAC

Marcella Taylor Education Psychologist Education, NAC

Margaret Paterson Team Manager Social Services, NAHSCP

Nicola Murphy Senior Manager, Universal Early Years, NAHSCP

Phillip Gosnay Senior Manager Education, NAC

Ruth Davie Senior Manager, Quality Improvement, NAHSCP

Susan Milloy Detective Inspector Police Scotland

Susan Patrick Head Teacher Education, NAC

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