The North Ayrshire Child Protection Committee is made up of representatives from across the main statutory and voluntary organisations in your area.

The purpose of the Child Protection Committee is to ensure that local agencies work together to protect children. Working together with the community we can be assured that all children in our area are protected from harm and given the best possible chance in life.
The Child Protection Committee has a number of sub-groups which take work forward on behalf of the Committee.

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Child Protection Committee Member List

John Paterson
Independent Chair of North Ayrshire Child Protection Committee

Caroline Cameron
Director (Vice Chair), NA Health & Social Care Partnership

Kirsty Calderwood
Child Protection Lead Officer

Alison Linton
Child Protection Learning & Development Co-ordinator

Alan Mulrooney
Authority Reporter, SCRA

Audrey Sutton
Head of Service, Connected Communities

Robert McGillvary
Interim Divisional Manager, Housing Services

Caroline Amos
Head of Service, Educational Services

Jim Kerr
Superintendent, Police Scotland

Scott Hunter
Chief Social Work Officer,NA Health & Social Care Partnership

Dr Paul Kerr
Clinical Director, Health & Social Care Partnership

Thelma Bowers
Head of Service, NA Mental Health Services

Darren Fullarton
Associate Nurse Director,/Lead Nurse NAHSCP

Alison Sutherland
Head of Service, Children and Families & Justice NAHSCP

Ruth Wilson
Senior Solicitor, Legal Services

Elizabeth Stewart
Depute Chief Social Worker Officer/Senior Manager, Children & Families Fieldwork NAHSCP

Corry McDonald
Team Manager, Children & Families

Billy Brotherston
Chair Alcohol and Drug Partnership NAHSCP

Fiona McBride
Assistant Director, West of Scotland

Quality Improvement Officer, Educational Development Officer

Marina McLaughlin
Acting Nurse Consultant for Vulnerable Children, NHS

Dr Mona Rahim
Consultant Paediatrician, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

     Joanne Inglis
     Senior Manager Universal Early Years

     Attica Wheeler
     Nurse Director, NHS Ayrshire & Arran