The North Ayrshire Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse Group (CAPSM) will work to improve the quality and accessibility to services for Children and Young People who are at risk due to the harmful effects of parental / care giver alcohol and / or drug misuse.

The CAPSM Group is a recognised sub-group of the North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) and the Child Protection Committee (CPC), and will link with other strategic Community Planning groups, including Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP).


  • To strengthen understanding across agencies of needs of children and young people affected by parental substance misuse.
  • To support partners in developing an effective inter-agency response to children and young people affected by parental substance misuse.
  • To strengthen communication links & joint working between adult and children’s services.
  • To ensure all developments in this area are aligned with the wider GIRFEC change agenda developments in North Ayrshire and that cognisance is taken of linked to relevant strategies including the Early Years Framework and the Parenting & Family Support Strategy.

Our Members

Roseanne Burns (Chair) Team Manager, Rosemount Project,NAHSCP

Kirsty Calderwood Child Protection Lead Officer, NACPC

Mark Gallagher Alcohol and Drug Lead Officer, NAADP

Alison Gibson Service Manager, Choices Barnardos

Anne Lee Specialist Team Manager, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Cheryl Gilmour, Recovery Policy Officer, NAADP

David Weir, Service Manager, Unity

Elizabeth Stewart  Senior Manager, Children & Families, NAHSCP

Corry McDonald Team Manager, Children & Families, NAHSCP

Graham Lindsay Team Manager (Addictions), Children & Families, NAHSCP

Kay Montgomery NHS A&A

Karen Muir NHS A&A

Colin Johnston  Police Scotland

Jillian Dowds  Clinical Team Leader, NAHSCP

John Flanagan Team Manager, Children & Families, NAHSCP

Lorna Fulton FAS Coordinator, NHS A&A

Lesley Robb NHS A&A

Martin Timmons Team Manager, Children & Families, NAHSCP

Mary Garven Manager, Vulnerable Midwifes Team, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Matt Close Senior Officer, Children & Families (Residential & Throughcare)

Nicola Hutcheson Children 1st

Teri McIntosh Senior Manager, Education & Youth Employment, NAC

Arthur Coutts Social Worker, Children & Families, NAHSCP

Beth Wiseman CAMHS, NHS Ayrshire & Arran