Our purpose is to ensure the Child Protection Committee is able to maintain an overview of management information from all key agencies about their work to protect children and young people.

Group Objectives

1 – To identify and take appropriate action in response to trends in relation to child protection issues in North Ayrshire 2 – To ensure Integrated Children’s Services Planning is informed by accurate and meaningful child protection data 3 – To utilise child protection management information to better protect children and young people

Our Members

Donna McKee (CHAIR) Head of Service, Children, Families & Criminal Justice Services, NAHSCP

Kirsty Calderwood Child Protection Lead Officer, NACPC

Allan Dickson Child Protection Admin, NACPC

Alan Mulrooney Reporter Manager, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

David MacRitchie  Senior Manager, Criminal Justice / Chief Social Work Officer, NAHSCP

Elizabeth Stewart Senior Manager, Children & Families, NAHSCPNHS A&A

Frances McIntyre Child Protection Advisor, NHS A&A

Johana House  Senior Manager Education, NAC

Stuart Singleton  Performance Officer, NAHSCP

Susan Milloy Detective Inspector, Police Scotland NAHSCP