Our purpose is to develop, implement and oversee the North Ayrshire Child Protection Committee Communication Strategy.

Group Objectives

To ensure public information in relation to child protection is widely available, in a range of materials, to children, young people, families, professionals and members of the public.

Our Members

Nicola Murphy (CHAIR) Senior Manager, Universal & Early Years, NAHSCP

Kirsty Calderwood Child Protection, Lead Officer, NACPC

Louise Henry Child Protection, Learning & Development Coordinator, NACPC

Louise Baird Child Protection Admin NACPC

Andrew Keir  Girfec Manager GIRFEC & Corporate Parenting

Brenda Knox Health Improvement Lead, NHS A&A

Bruce Jackson Marketing Officer, Communications, NAC

Damian Taylor Community Education Worker,Education, NAC

Fiona Hopkins Senior Manager, Education & Youth Employment, NAC

Kirsty Aitken  Service Manager, Children 1st

Lorne Campbell Business Development Manager, KA Leisure

Sharon McDowall Head Teacher, Education & Youth Employment, NAC

Susan Milloy Detective Inspector, Police Scotlan

Tony Harkin Local Authority Liaison Officer, Police Scotland

Tracy Carswell Clinical Team Leader, NAHSCP

Useful Documents

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