Our purpose is to have an overview of single and inter agency child protection training and ensure that this training meets national and local objectives in contributing to the protection of children and young people in North Ayrshire using a robust evaluation system.

Group Objectives

1 – Agree, prioritise and evaluate multi agency training. 2 – Ensure multi agency training meets local and national needs. 3 – Produce an annual child protection training plan 4 – Reflect on lessons learned from Inquiries, Inspections and Initial / Significant Case Reviews. 5 – Ensure that the training programme reflects and contributes to continuous improvements in services to protect children and young people.

Our Members

Caroline Amos (CHAIR) Head of Service, Education, NAC

Louise Henry Child Protection L&D Co-ordinator, NACPC

Kirsty Calderwood Child Protection Lead Officer,  NACPC

Louise Baird Child Protection Training Admin, NACPC

Alison Allan Senior Manager Housing, Education & Youth Employment, NAC

Angela Morrell  Manager, Youth Services, NAC

Carol Nelson Senior Manager Housing, NAC

Elidh Wilson Reporter  Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

Frances MacIntyre Child Protection Advisor NHS A&A

Kirsty Aitken Service Manager, Children 1st

Lesley Higgins Team Manager (Acting) Learning & Development, HSCP Social Services, NAC

Pamela McCallum Headteacher, Education & Youth Employment, NAC

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